Mouth Monsters

Angela came to us with a fun and exciting new product that she had just launched “Mouth Monsters” – a mild, organic oil pulling mouthwash safe for kids that was a fab natural way to fight tooth decay!

She needed a fast turn around on a creative video and some stock imagery for her social media campaigns, so of course Craig & Luke jumped into action and created superb results !

Mouth Monsters

“Mouth Monsters”, sounds scary but not really. Mouth Monsters is one of the fabulous products of Angela Wright. Angela contacted us after she saw the My Wine Lover production and asked us to create a video for Mouth Monsters.
Our brief was a 30-60sec commercial showing crazy kids in the morning, mum stressed out, and trying to get them to calm down. Then “BAM!” Out come Mouth Monsters and in comes peace and quiet.

'The dog's on the bench!'

Kids running everywhere, dogs on the kitchen table, talent arriving left right and center we had our work cut out for us.
You know how you see a phone ring on vibrate in the movies and it moves on the table right? Well guess what, they don’t move! Keep your eyes on the opening scene with the phone vibrating and moving, now picture Craig our photographer on the floor beside the bed with a bent coat hanger making the phone move. That’s how we roll ladies and gents, lots of fun with great results, check out the clip 🙂

Minty CoCo

We Love Mouth Monsters!

The same day on set we also shot some images for Angela’s other product Minty Coco with the girls from Zabel fashion, check out the gallery on the right.

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